Sam McGregor : baby portraits

World, I am excited to present to you Samuel McGregor (formerly known as Dwayne Schwaine)! Sam, a.k.a Sammy McG or Shifty, is my cousin's first child, and we were all so excited to welcome him into the world! I had the privilege of spending a couple days following Sam around with the camera, which I'm pretty sure he got sick of rather quickly :) Here are some of my favorite shots, plus some bonus 'outtakes', if you will. Sometimes babies do the funniest things! Enjoy!

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

I love me some baby back wrinkles!

Tired, but happy, parents :)

And now for the 'baby bloopers':

Old-Soul Sam

So-What-If-I'm-Cross-Eyed-I'm-Only-A-Week-Old Sam

Sometimes-I-Ponder Sam

Oh-Heyyy-This-Is-My-Feminine-Side Sam

I'm-A-Little-Preoccupied-While-Doing-My-'Business' Sam

Check-Out-My-Awesome-Wing-Span Sam

Gettin'-Jiggy-With-It Sam

Sumo Sam

So-What-If-I-Flash-Gang-Signs? Sam

I-Will-Eat-This-Nose-If-It's-The-Last-Thing-I-Do! Sam

Get-that-Girl-with-the-Camera-Away-from-Me! Sam

Fat-Guy-in-the-Tub Sam

Blue-Steel Sam

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Rachel said...

gorgeous photos and a beautiful baby!