lisa & david : wedding

Lisa & David had an outdoor wedding on July 18th. This was my first opportunity to shoot an outdoor wedding and I loved every minute of it! The skies kept threatening rain, but thankfully it never did. It was a lot of fun, and very easy :) to shoot Lisa & David. We had a great time at a nearby barn, which you'll soon see. And I must say, I am in love with so many of these pictures, I hope you will be too! Let the visual feast begin!

The barn!

Love them!

That's one proud momma!

This little dude cracked me up :)

I love this moment!

Ok, so I went a little crazy with ring pictures, I couldn't help myself!

The lighting was beautiful after they left the church, so
I kidnapped them for a couple more shots :)

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Christina Ragusin said...

Hooray!! These are GORGEOUS! I just love them! My favorite is probably the second to last one. I love the barn ones too. And the 4th one, of them both smiling their "I can't wait to be married" smiles? Priceless! Wonderful job!!